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RightFax for Enterprise

Is your organization tired of the paper-based operational costs and required manual processes around fax?

RightFax is an enterprise-grade digital fax software that allows users to send and receive faxes as easy as an email. It integrates with a variety of enterprise applications to securely direct faxes to their intended recipient, including:

Learn why the advanced security, unmatched reliability and automation capabilities of RightFax make it the most trusted choice for enterprises worldwide.

Learn More: What is RightFax & How Does it Work? 

In this video, learn how Rightfax enables organizations to eliminate costly phone lines, physical devices and make faxing from applications as easy as sending an email.

Video Duration: 2:10

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Outbound Fax Delivery

When you integrate RightFax with email, desktop applications, and MFPs, you can securely send faxes with custom integration options allowing for nearly limitless RightFax integration opportunities



Business Applications

Web Clients


Desktop Client

Inbound Fax Delivery

There are multiple ways to deliver faxes to the right users, including by Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Bar Codes and Dual-tone Multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) routing. The most common way is to use a portion of the dialed fax number or DID. RightFax users are assigned a Routing Code that is used to match the number provided by the phone system along with the received fax.

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